Hand-drawn & Adjustable Decorative Elements for UI design [Figma]

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Hand-drawn & Adjustable Decorative Elements for UI design [Figma]

Lukáš Augusta
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Make your UI/UX designs pop!

Get the ultimate set of hand-drawn & decorative elements for your next UI design project, such as underlines, highlights or scribbles.

P.S. I am creating this file as part of the Make Your UI/UX Design Pop! (how to create designs that stand out).

Please read through and you may find a special offer for 20% off.

→ Boring designs? Let’s make them pop and unique.

Stop wasting your time looking for the Figma libraries, sets and packs.

Unlimited possibilities of how to design the elements.

❌ Oh, wait…

  • You may have spent hours designing website or app, but there's still something missing.
  • Other designers use graphic elements, shapes, underlines, sketches or scribbles in their masterpieces. But creating these elements over and over again is a pain, and it takes time.
  • How much time have you spent searching for graphic elements? How many libraries, sets and packs have you tried?
  • And when you finally found some, they didn't fit your design or were incomplete.

✅ Let's beat the competition…

  • Stop making boring designs. Use elements that bring websites and apps to life and make the design stand out.
  • Just like the world's best designers. Use the elements that make your work pop and grab people's attention.
  • Stop drawing graphic elements from scratch and save hours. Here is the perfect library. All your elements in one place.
  • Scale the vectors and adjust their properties such as stroke width, style, colour or end points to suit your needs and achieve the perfect visual balance.

Get the Figma file, which grows every day. Lifetime updates. Grab it at the lowest price! It increases day by day... 🤝

$0.25 per an element → Invest $1 and get 4 hand-drawn elements to make your designs special. ❤️‍🔥

There are 49+ elements now.

Because I'm collecting product feedback, I'm offering the first 100 people a 20% discount. Use the coupon code: 5N0SWIB (this week only, so hurry).


Thanks for support. Enjoy!

👋 Lukas

I want this!

Make your designs pop. Get a set of hand-drawn & decorative elements for your next UI design project. It's a Figma file. The benefits? You can adjust vector properties such as stroke width, style, color or end points. Scale the elements as you like. This library is still growing… Each day… (start 28 March 2023)


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